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    Making your pilot certificate more valuable than ever before.

    convenience | safety | savings | fun


    OpenAirplane makes it easy to find, book, and pay for aircraft rental online or with a mobile device.


    We'll help you get more out of flying.


    As a CAP Pilot, you get to bypass the OpenAirplane Universal Pilot Checkout as long as your Form 5 is current. The OpenAirplane platform allows FBOs and Flight Schools around the country to easily verify your credentials. Our reputation system helps you decide where you want to fly.

    If you're current to fly it for CAP, you're able to rent it with OpenAirplane.


    OpenAirplane will make it easy for you to fly more, save money and time, and get more utility out of flying.


    It's free to join OpenAirplane.


    Here is where you can find us today, and we're just getting started.


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    OpenAirplane Operator network

    Submit your CAP From 5 paperwork, then rent with Operators across the U.S.

    How OpenAirplane Works

    Together we can make flying more useful, safer, and even more fun.


    OpenAirplane is FREE to join.

    create a profile | ditch the usual paperwork | take it everywhere


    Start by creating your profile on OpenAirplane. Documenting your airman credentials and flight experience with us is easy. It takes just a few minutes.


    Here's what you'll want to gather up to get started:

    • Photo to upload
    • Current Form 5
    • CAP ID
    • Government Issued ID
    • FAA Pilot Certificate
    • FAA Medical Certificate
    • Contact Information
    • Renter's Insurance (You can save up to 10%. details...)
    • Logbook entry from the Form 5
    • Credit Card

    By saving this information online with us, you won't waste time filling out redundant paperwork at each new place you rent.


    Finally, something we can all agree on...

    The OpenAirplane Participation Agreement is the only contract you'll need when you rent aircraft across our network. It includes our terms of the service, as well as our operating rules and policies. OpenAirplane is designed to make the rental experience better, safer, and more fun for everyone.

    Note that OpenAirplane works the same as flying for CAP. Our doctrine is aligned with what is outlined in current CAP regulations.


    No more frustrating internet searches and phone calls

    easy discovery | better information | simple booking


    We've made finding an airplane to rent easy. You'll find location, rental pricing, equipment installed, local procedures, ratings and reviews of available aircraft using OpenAirplane.



    Then make a request to schedule the bird by time and tail number.


    Ding! Your reservation is confirmed.

    detailed aircraft profiles | ratings and reviews


    You'll see what plane you'll be renting, ratings and reviews by the Pilots who have flown it, and confirm the reservation online.


    When you've found the airframe you'd like to fly, you'll send a booking request to the Operator with:


    • Date(s)
    • Departure Time
    • Return Time
    • Expected Flight Time


    We make it easy to get in touch with the Operator online or on the phone if the plane isn't available, if you want an instructor to come along, if you want to borrow a headset, or if you've got more questions.


    Fly with the confidence of a local.

    standardized briefing | tribal knowledge


    We've worked with the Operators to document all the local procedures that you're otherwise trying to learn during a checkout. This is all the stuff that doesn't get into the A/FD, or depicted on the chart. You'll have all the time you need to understand the local best practices, before you step to the plane.


    Our Local Procedures Briefing includes helpful details about:

    • Operator's Procedures and Practices
    • Local Airspace Considerations
    • Airfield Operations
    • Local Flight Planning Tips


    Finally, using your pilot certificate like it was meant to be

    less time | less hassle | more flying


    You'll show up at the confirmed time ready to fly.


    Next, be handed the keys and the clipboard, and then escorted out to your plane. Got questions? The friendly Operators are there for you.


    Got even more questions? We're here to help too. You'll be able to call us anytime. On the phone.

    Why hasn't it been this easy before?


    OpenAirplane handles the bill for you.

    no card swipe | no paper | a better experience


    When you're back and have secured the airplane, just enter the hobbs and tach times into OpenAirplane using your smart phone, tablet, or any web browser you find handy. (You can even just call it in, if that's easier.)


    If you bought fuel during your trip with your own credit card, just email us the receipt.


    We'll calculate the time, add any fees, and confirm the price. You'll receive a receipt via email.


    No more awkward fights with a credit card machine after a flight. We'll take care of the charges for you using the card you've got on file.


    Hand in the keys and clipboard, and you're gone!


    (High-fiving the Operator on the way out the door - completely optional.)


    You get more than a rating; you earn a reputation.

    ratings | reviews | reputation


    So most pilots are great, and they treat every airplane right. But if someone brings back the airplane late, leaves FOD in the cockpit, and bald spots a tire...



    ...well they won't get a very good rating now will they?


    Ratings and reviews are an incentive for all of us to do our best, which makes the experience better for everyone.


    After each rental, you'll be asked to please rate and review both the airplane you flew, and the Operator you rented from. This helps the next Pilot know what to expect next time.


    A little about ratings

    OpenAirplane ratings are from 0 to 5 stars. We think every rating should start at a 3 if everything turned out as you expected, and then go up or down from there based on what you experienced.


    You've got a reputation to build

    Remember: Each time you rent using OpenAirplane the Operator will rate and review YOU as a rental customer...


    • Did you skimp on the pre-flight?
    • Did you take time to wipe the bugs off the leading edges and the windscreen?
    • Did you ignore the advice found in the Local Procedures Briefing?
    • Did you bring the airplane back on time (maybe even a little bit early) so it would be ready for the next Pilot?
    • Did you cut someone off in the pattern?
    • Did you leave the aircraft in better shape than you found it?


    All of these actions and more will affect the rating and review you receive from the Operator after your flight. Only you, and the next Operator you request to rent from gets to see your rating and reviews. A poor rating could affect your ability to book aircraft and fly with OpenAirplane in the future. A great rating might mean getting priority on the schedule. So fly your best!

    That's it for now

    How to get more help with flying with OpenAirplane

    Online | On the Phone


    Nobody likes reading manuals. We hope this quick overview was helpful.


    If you have any more questions about how to fly with OpenAirplane, please visit our

    online operations support tool.


    ...or you can send us an email at crew@OpenAirplane.com. We promise we'll get back to you as soon as practical.


    ..finally, you can call us anytime on our phone support number, which you'll find when you're signed into the app.


    P.S. We love feedback! If there's anything you'd like to let us know about what we're doing right, or how we could serve you better, please let us know!